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1971 is the year that Captain Rethan Doepfer's Great Grandfather first began transmitting encoded messages into space looking for extraterrestrial life, and subsequently set in motion the chain of events that would take Rethan on his journey today.

All of the scenes in 1971 take place on Mars

Close To Me (Dirty Edit)
While showing Rethan the cave and the proof that there was an ancient civilization on Mars, Lara and Rethan find themselves rekindling their long forgotten passionate affair.

Downtime In The Hangar
While Rethan and Lara are away a group of fundamentalist Martians try to sabotage The Mistress and prevent the crew from investigating the transmission. They are eventually foiled by Arman, the ship's head of engineering.

Complex Undertow
A medicinal and spiritual hallucinogenic pharmaceutical native to Mars, (slang: CU pronounced See You) - taken during the festival of the lights and during certain Martian tribal initiation rituals. Lara and Rethan take CU and have a vision quest, and discover Rethan's Great Grandfather's transmissions into outer space.

Mastery Of The Gravel (Where Did You Come From)
Upon returning from the vision quest Rethan and Lara fall prey to a plot to break them apart and sabotage the mission yet again. Rethan is drugged and seduced by the allure of an 'easy life' (giving up the mission) and Lara's love for him is put to the ultimate test.

South Side Of The Mountain
Rethan and Lara are re-united, but Lara isn't quick to forgive him for his weaknesses, even though he was drugged. Rethan proves to be the consummate captain, puts his personal feelings and dramas aside and gets on with their mission to investigate the transmission. All the while thinking about what the vision quest revealed to him and Lara.


released December 8, 2008



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Isomer Transition New York

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