Mission To Mars

by Isomer Transition

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Rethan Doepfer and his crew leave the ISLOO and travel to Mars aboard The Mistress. They are going to Mars to pick up Lara Dunhill, Captain Doepfer's navigator and long-time companion, and to see what information the Martian Government is willing to share about the transmissions.

Loop Me Through To Control The Mains
The crew needs to hack the ship's guidance control systems to regain control after a mysterious virus corrupts the navigational systems.

Deep In Space
The Mistress receives an additional transmission, but this time the content is encrypted beyond the ship's decryption capabilities.

Space Madness
Rethan learns about the origins of the transmissions from Lara via the comlink to Mars and is pushed to the brink of sanity by a mysterious illness.

The Exploration Of Region 13
The crew lands on Mars near Olympus Mons and discovers that there were inhabitants on the planet before them. The evidence is in a cave deep under the mountain, discovered by Lara and is linked the the origins of the transmission.


released May 1, 2007



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